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espasmo hemifacial

Clonic hemifacial spasm

OClonic Hemifacial Spasm it is an abnormal movement, of contraction, which are the so-called "spasms" that occur on one side of the face (generally only on one side). They almost always give the "blinking eye" and "turning mouth" appearance.

The "blinks" can vary throughout the day, get worse during stress or anxiety, or due to other factors.

OHemifacial Spasm may appear as if the person is blinking involuntarily.

Hemifacial spasm happens due to abnormal activity of a nerve called the facial nerve. This abnormal activity can happen because a vein touches (for years, since the person is born) and is touching the nerve throughout the person's life. In some people, after a long time touching it, it can start to "irritate" the nerve. 

olhos piscando sem querer
Facial spasm gives the appearance that the eye is "blinking by itself."

Causes of Hemifacial Spasm

Hemifacial Spasm can happen for many reasons. Like after facial paralysis, or for no apparent reason. 

What happens is that the facial nerve, which is the nerve that moves the muscles in the face, gets "irritated." Due to this irritation, he is erratically, inappropriately releasing nerve stimuli. These stimuli make the muscles of the face move. 

As there is a nerve on each side, an irritated nerve only affects the muscles on the same side and does not affect the muscles on the other side of the face.


tratamento espasmo facial
The treatment of hemifacial spasm is mainly done with the application of Botulinum Toxin, such as Botox®.

The use of drugs can be tried, but in general the effectiveness is low.

The effectiveness with the use of botulinum toxin, however, is excellent and is capable of interrupting movements. Botox®, however, lasts an average of 3-4 months, requiring maintenance of the treatment with periodic applications. The exact frequency must be evaluated and discussed with the physician and may vary. 

Like any treatment, the amount, dose, application sites can vary a lot, but an adequate treatment, carried out with aneurologist doctor, almost always has an excellent response.

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