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Parkinson's disease

AParkinson's disease is a genetic disease that belongs to the group of diseases of movement disorders.
Os sintomas em que a toxina botulínica pode ser mais útil na doença de Parkinson, são:
  • Sialorreia (salivação excessiva)
  • Contrações exageradas (a que chamamos de distonia)
  • Dores específicas, como dores de cabeça, ou partes específicas do corpo
Na Parkinson's disease there is loss of neurons responsible for the production ofdopamine, a substance produced in the brain that allows muscles to move. 

A lack of dopamine causes symptoms such asresting tremor, stiffness, slowness of movement,  known asbradykinesia and difficulty walking with a tendency to falls.

Symptoms of slowness of movement, stiffness and/or tremor are calledParkinsonism.

Now, there are cases of hereditary parkinsonism, in which there is a mutated gene and which, yes, is passed from parent to child. These, however, are much rarer, and more usually have earlier onset of motor symptoms (often before 30 or 40 years of age).

The best treatment of Parkinson's disease should aim to treat all symptoms present. 

Not always with medicine, but without a doubt, you can't leave any symptoms aside!

Icid 10: G20 - Parkinson's Disease
Id 11: 8A00.0 Parkinson's disease
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