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head tremor

How is Head Tremor Diagnosed?

ODiagnosis of Head Tremor is clinical and primarily aims to identify other signs and associated movement disorders, such as slowness of movement (present inParkinson's disease), tremor in upper limbs (present in Tessential remorse), and abnormal muscle contraction (present indystonias).

Manymedicines may trigger or worsen tremor, such as valproic acid, haloperidol, risperidone, lithium. You should never discontinue the medication, even if you suspect that it is the cause of the tremor, without first talking to the doctor who prescribed it!

Some laboratory tests may be useful to exclude associated causes, such as hormonal alterations such as hyperthyroidism, neuropathies, infections and others. 

Embora, o tremor cefálico possa ser por conta de muitas doenças, na maioria das vezes, a resposta ao tratamento com remédios via oral, é insuficiente! Isso para dizer o mínimo!

Assim, o melhor tratamento é com aplicação de toxina botulínica.

O que pode ser o Tremor da Cabeça?

Ohead tremoris the tremor that occurs in the head and can be associated with several types of disease. 

It can occur in the form of rhythmic horizontal movements (as if the person were doingno no), or vertical movements (as if you were making a movement fromyes yes).

It may even be more complex and be associated with other movement disorders such as inDystonias, in which there is muscle contraction of the neck muscles or other associated body parts.

Ohead tremor may occur in several diseases or be isolated. 

tremor de cabeça ou cefalico

How is Head Tremor Treated?

Oessential tremor treatment It is done through specific medications, taking into account whether there is an associated disease such as Parkinson's or essential tremor.
Many times there is no different symptom, only the shaking of the head.

In these cases, treatment begins with medication, but there is almost always a great response with the use of botulinum toxin (botox).

Cada um pode ter um tratamento medicamentoso associado também, sem dúvidas, por isso, a importância de manter um acompanhamento com o neurologista.
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