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Migraine has a cure?

Migraine attacks can be disabling. While there are a number of treatments currently available, the question everyone asks is:Migraine has a cure?

First, you need to understand what a migraine is.
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Migraines is a special type ofheadache, which can be started after contact with some external triggering factors and may be responsible fordisabling pain and, when not well treated, cause recurrent symptoms.

Thus, there several factors that act to trigger a migraine attack.

First, there is a genetic factor that predisposes some people to pain.

After that there are many environmental triggering factors, which can combine with each other to trigger the onset of pain. In addition, it is very common to use inappropriate medications, which do not abort the pain crisis, in addition to the use of several othermedicines that may worsen or facilitate pain attacks.

As there are many variables acting for the beginning or maintenance of the headache it is practically impossible to avoid all factors.

Migraine does not distinguish color, creed or social class . But it is much more common in young women, especially during their childbearing years (between 15 and 40 years).

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Today, there aremany medications for themigraine treatment. Some are so effective that they can show some kind of cure. However, since there is a genetic predisposition of the patient and control of absolutely all external factors is very unlikely, a real complete cure is almost impossible.

Over the years, some hormonal factors can decrease, so that the crises can become more and more spaced. Considering also an adequate drug treatment, changing eating habits and the practice of physical exercises, a great symptom control can be achieved for a very long and satisfactory period.

Thus, although a cure is unlikely, the neurologist is able to treat in order to contain the crises and, in many cases, completely control the pain, allowing the patient to have a full quality of life.

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