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A toxina botulínica pode ser um tratamento importante na Enxaqueca. Principalmente quando é crônica ou de alta frequência. 

Migraine, or migraine, is a special type of headache, usually throbbing, occurring on one side of the head (although it can occur on both sides), often unbearable, almost always associated with nausea or vomiting, and which gets worse with light, noise or even certain smells.

What is Migraine?

A feature of migraine is its ability to change position. One day it hurts on one side, another day on the other, another day on both! And often the pain is unbearable, disabling even simple activities like reading or watching television.

There are several factors that trigger a migraine attack and it is very important to identify these factors in order to avoid them!

Mulher em dor

The most common triggering factors are: food (usually fatty foods, fried foods, chocolate, caffeine and other stimulating drinks), use of alcoholic beverages, exposure to intense light or to strong odors and  ;menstrual period.

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