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Tratamentoi de espasticidade com botox

loss of strength

the feeling ofloss of strength in a limb can occur progressively or suddenly. Sometimes it happens in the upper limbs, in the lower limbs, or even in the arm and leg one side of the body.


When the loss of strength occurs abruptly, one can think of a vascular event, such as a stroke. This should always be ruled out and an evaluation by a specialist doctor, such as a neurologist, is often enough to exclude a serious illness, almost always without the need for a complementary exam.


When the loss of strength occurs gradually, as in both legs at the same time, you have to suspect some conditions ofpolyneuropathies.

It can happen only a decrease in sensitivity and not in strength. cases of fitching or numbness in the limbs they can appear in cases of anxiety crises, during migraines and other benign conditions, but they can also occur in strokes and neuropathies, so the neurologist must always evaluate each case and examine every patient with suspicion.

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