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trigeminal neuralgia

What is trigeminal neuralgia?

Aneuralgia (or neuralgia) of the trigeminal nerve It is a nervous disorder that causes extremely severe pain in the region of the face through which the trigeminal nerve passes.

Otrigeminal nerve it is a nerve that passes on each side of the face, divides into 3 branches and is responsible for the sensitivity of that region of the face. When there is injury, inflammation or compression of the nerve, it generates excruciating pain in the territory of the involved branch, which may be in only one branch or in more than one.

Apain it can occur in the form of quick stabs, burning pain or shock.

The most common is an unbearable pain, often considered the "worst of life", whose treatment with usual analgesic medications are not enough!

It is very common forpains be confused with migraines, toothaches, often leading to erroneous therapeutic and even surgical approaches.

dor de cabeça

Causes of Trigeminal Neuralgia

They existvarious causes for trigeminal neuralgia. The most common areneurovascular conflicts, in which an artery or even a vein touches the nerve. Not every time a blood vessel touches it causes any symptoms and exams such as magnetic resonance imaging, although indicated, are often unable to determine an exact cause.

Other causes likemultiple sclerosis and tumors (mostly benign) can also occur and a single imaging test such as MRI is able to rule out these causes.

A dor pode ser refratária a medicação por vários motivos, como predisposição física de fato, ou por não conseguir aumentar/ajustar a dose da medicação (porque levou a efeitos colaterais por exemplo).

​Aí a toxina botulínica ou a cirurgia passam a ser opção sem dúvidas!

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